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Life Insurance / Term Life Insurance

What is Term Life Insurance?

Simply put, term life insurance is an agreement to safeguard your loved ones in case of your death. Over time, you will have to pay regular premiums or payments to the insurance company. As a result, the company will pay a pre-calculated amount to your chosen beneficiary in the event of your death.

This death benefit is tax-free as per Canadian law, provided the beneficiary is a Canadian resident. The beneficiary can be non-Canadian, but the tax benefits will not be applicable in such a case. It will be subject to the tax jurisdiction of the concerned country.

Reasons life insurance becomes essential in case of your premature passing. Protect your familyCover your mortgageFinal ExpensesEstate PlanningOther reasons

Key Benefits of Life Insurance ?


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Term Life Insurance Helps Deal with the Inevitable

Death can have profound impact on your family's future. Most people take steps to ensure that the financial independence of their immediate family members are protected in case of their untimely death. Term life insurance helps ward off the negative impact on financial security.

Nothing can compensate for the loss of life. But term life at least makes sure your loved ones do not have to fold hands for finances and continue their life in peace.

With term life insurance, you can make sure that

    • Your family stays in the home you put them in.
    • Your child will grow up to have a normal life with savings for post-secondary education.
    • Your spouse doesn't have to take on a second job.
    • You can take care of your parents.


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