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Financial Planning

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Do you have a written Financial Plan? Do you want to be financially secure and free to live your life? Ever wonder if there is an excellent strategy that is perfect for you and according to your circumstances?

Hi, I’m VK, Certified Financial Planner, Registered Trust & Estate Practitioner, and Registered Retirement Consultant.

I am a fee-for-service financial planner and can help you make custom Financial plans / Retirement plans based on your unique needs.

I work with you to solve all your financial problems, help you decide on the life/ Retirement life you want, and put you on the optimal path to reach there.

A Financial Plan is a GPS for your life. Having a Financial Plan is like the difference between driving with a GPS and driving without one (not being clear on your goal). You can be confident that you are on the best route to the life you want.

I will prepare your plan for a fee, which means you can be confident my advice is professional and objective.

The first step is to sit down with you to find out what is important to you and your family so that we can figure out exactly what’s important to you for your life and your future.

Your plan might include Retirement Planning, Estate Planning and tax planning strategies for which I am the expert, such as Lifecycle Investing, RRSP top-ups, creative RRSP strategies, effective use of corporations, clawback strategies for seniors, optimising your tax deductions based on tax brackets every year, and other tax-reduction strategies for people with high incomes, business owners and seniors.

The “Planning with VK” experience is about your life, not just your money. People with no interest in finance find it interesting.

Reasons Financial Planning is Important? Secure Your FutureBetter Risk DiversificationImprove Lifestyle

Key Benefits of Personal Financial Advisor ?

Achieving Financial Goals

As a financial professional, I can help you articulate your financial goals.

Financial Security

I help you plan for future health expenses and sudden job losses.

Expert Advice

Make intelligent financial decisions with the help of your financial advisor.

If You Need Help, Get A Consultation

Professional Financial Planning Service

Financial planning is essential because your needs are usually dynamic. This means that your financial priorities change, and you need to organize your money accordingly. This is where professional financial services can help you the most.

We provide some of Brampton's most comprehensive financial planning services, and we understand what it takes to secure your money. The benefits you obtain from hiring a professional are numerous.

A financial advisor has expertise in the field of finance and is, therefore, perfectly equipped to answer any investment queries you may have. They can advise you on your investments and finances based on your needs. A financial advisor can also help you in making wise investment decisions. This will help you by enabling you to save more and invest properly, among many other benefits.

I can help you manage your Financial Goals

Fee-For-Service Advice

I aim to provide fellow Canadians with the most financially viable and the best coverage, term life insurance solutions.

Let's talk to get a custom plan tailored to your financial needs.